Daniel "Danny Boy"

I love fishing, squash, nature, scuba diving, reading, hiking, watching movies and the sports channel. I dream to be used by God for what he sees best. If I were to have super powers, I want to help people to see their own strength and help them nurture it.

Email: danielloh@gbcpg.org
Windows Live Messenger: Dan Loh
Facebook: danl1001@hotmail.com


I am a friendly person who is easy to approach. I work for Colgate-Palmolive and is an expert in selling & marketing! I hope that more souls are saved through HIS strong army (missionaries) before our time is up.

Email: mikepow@hotmail.com

Yin Hooi

I luv books, music, food, sleep, work, FB, latte, nachos... My mission in life is to love God, bring glory to HIS great name with everything single thing I do and guide people towards His direction.

Email: tanyinhooi@gmail.com

David Tham Ren Yee (T.R.Y.)

I'm an "Engineer" affiliate of Venture Electronic Services. Well, of course on top of these I belong to JESUS!

I hope there will be more youth experiencing the Love of God and blessed by His Grace. Not only that, they will be ready to be His disciples....hehe like me. So are you ready?

Email: david_1st74@hotmail.com, tham_renyee@yahoo.co.uk
Windows Live Messenger: david1st74


"Amosi is my nickname."
"Anothai is my Thai name."
"Amuksi is my cantonese name."

I luv studentssss!!! If I were to be a SuperHero, I would be "Biblepedia Man. Hehe, just ask me anything about God's Word! I'm a Mee lover and a fan of paintball. I am crazy about Movies and I would perish without sports. I am all out to "Transform the Lost 2 into becoming Disciples of Christ".

Email: amosewy@hotmail.com
Windows Live Messenger: amosewy

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